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Why landing a job is difficult for you? Jan 19,2014 0 Comments

Your have a brilliant resume and you seemed like you would be awesome at the job and you have applied for the job. You get call from interview but after the conversation with employer there is no response.

In some cases it can be because of internal employee who referred their friends or family but there is a possibility it you who ruined it by your activities. Some of the following activities may not be like by your employer,

Bad Attitude
Be careful before making any comments about your previous employer. Negative comments or complains about previous employer can make interviewer consider like you as a complainer. Any hiring manger doesn’t want to hear complains. Positive response about previous employer will make interviewer think positively.

Bad Resume
Resume is the first step for an employer to judge your capability, your skill. A well formed and clean resume can make a positive response on you. Always explain the relevant job experience. Employer doesn’t have interest on your hobbies, they want to how quickly you will be able to adjust with environment.

Bad Smell
“I am nervous, I should have a smoke before going to the interview”. Most of smoker’s think smoking can help them to take away their nervousness. But consider the fact that after smoking your breathe, your cloth will smell bad and that can be even disaster then nervousness. “Quit Smoking and live a healthy life”.

Bad Dress-up
A job interview isn’t a fashion show, and you don’t have to be a super model. For the most part it’s enough to look well groomed, professional and respectful. This means dressing up a little more than you normally would to show that you care and that you take the interview seriously.

Salary Expectation
Be realistic on your salary expectation. Good answer is always leave it on them on their company standard. But if you have to tell a figure then be realistic and also tell them you are open for discussion.

If you don’t have any reference that will make employer a little nervous before hiring you. But that’s not a big problem if you even don’t have one or this is your first job. Don’t present fake reference letters, that’s worse than not having reference. Trust your referee, explain what position you have applied for. If you cannot use your previous boss use any colleague instead.

Thanks for reading and wish you best of luck.


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