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Virtual Jobs With Big Paychecks Oct 19,2013 0 Comments

virtual jobsNow a days, more and more people are skipping the trek to the office and opening up shop right at home. But how and why are they choosing to work remotely versus staying in the office trenches with their co-workers?

“As more and more people realize that their jobs can be done remotely through a computer or on the Web, they’re less likely to want to spend time and money commuting into an office,” says Sara Sutton Fell, CEO and founder of, a website that matches candidates with telecommuting jobs.

Ready to learn about some careers that could allow you to work from home while still pulling in a median annual salary of more than $40,000 a year?

Career 1: Applications Software Developer

90th Percentile Salary: $138,880

Median Salary: $90,060

10th Percentile Salary: $55,190*

Anytime you’ve opened up a computer or tapped on your mobile device, you’ve come into contact with the work of a software developer. And while it’s true that software developers work mainly behind a computer all day to earn top dollar, it’s not true that they have to do so in an office.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor says that some software developers telecommute. They might perform tasks such as developing software that helps devices run, designing applications, and collaborating with other computer specialists to create optimum software programs.

Working Virtually: Software development is almost entirely computer-based, which makes it a great career for telecommuting, says Sutton Fell. But certain skills and traits can help you perform this job even better from home.

“Along with having great time-management skills, successful telecommuting software developers are also tech-savvy and comfortable using technology such as screen-sharing, IM, email, and video for the elements of the job that need team collaboration,” she adds.

Career 2: Market Research Analyst

90th Percentile Salary: $113,500

Median Salary: $60,300

10th Percentile Salary: $33,280*

Market research analysts are the well-paid people who know what you buy, when you buy it, and the reasons behind your purchases. So, it makes sense that they wouldn’t be stuck spending all their time within the confines of a cubicle – their subjects won’t be found within those walls, either!

After all, how could they do things like measure the effectiveness of marketing programs, study market conditions, and gather data about consumers and competitors – all tasks outlined by the U.S. Department of Labor – without actually getting out into the market and seeing it first-hand?

Working Virtually: Sutton Fell says that because so much of this job is data-driven – doing research, giving presentations, analyzing trends, and identifying opportunities – that it’s a natural fit for telecommuting.

Career 3: Graphic Designer

90th Percentile Salary: $77,490

Median Salary: $44,150

10th Percentile Salary: $26,250*

The simplest explanation for what a graphic designer does is to say they make things look good, while getting paid well for doing it. And because they work mainly on computers, these ladies and gents don’t need to be anywhere near their co-workers or an office to do their jobs.

And what does this job entail? It might include developing the layout for a Web screen, which involves advising clients on strategies, creating images, and developing graphics with computer software, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Working Virtually: “Like a software developer, a graphic designer can create solutions for clients in the comfort of his or her own home directly from their computer,” notes Elizaga.


Source: Yahoo

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